Mosaic Experience


Each Mosaico Experience is a perfect opportunity
to create a piece of art using photographs. Each
participant will be part of it and of the moment, leaving
a nice memory in a dynamic way.

Choose your experience

Station where the taking of pictures is at the moment.
These can be viewed digitally, in print or both.

Mosaic created from a selection of submitted images
in advance, which is then sent to print in the size
previously agreed.

Flow and creation

Based on the brand or the client, we generate a personalized design where the client’s logo is located at the top.

The center part is where the photos taken will be added. This will form any type of previously selected image.

The lower part may include a slogan or personalized message that the client deems appropriate or typical of the brand.

The mosaic has a quantity of 600 photos in order to fill its entirety.


1. Taking a picture

2. Photo printing

3. Paste photo mosaic



Free access to the trigger point is required. Assistance may be required if there is no elevator.


220 V electrical current is required. If there is no electrical current, Pixz can provide a generator at an additional cost, but this will have to be discussed beforehand.


Installation must begin a minimum of 2 hours before activation begins.


If the event is outdoors we need to be under an awning. Direct sunlight can affect image quality and our technology could overheat.


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