Photo Studio and GIF


Our totem or photo studio is a stylish and functional photo taking machine. Take a photo from the front, then print or share it from the front display. Our professional setup makes everyone look like a star.

Available in white, black or dressed with your own brand. Our totem or study is ideal for any time and any place.

You can add:



Pixz relies heavily on a solid internet connection for seamless social media sharing. A connection with a minimum speed of 5mb / s is required, below are the 3 options with which we work although we recommend the first option:
1) The place provides us with an ethernet cable from the router to the activation point, without a firewall.
2) The place provides us with access to its WiFi network. This network must be without a firewall and allow communication between devices on the network. Ideally it should be password protected.
3) We carry a 4G access point as a backup, but we cannot guarantee its ability to obtain a signal. As long as you get a signal, we will make it work perfectly.
* As a general rule, our totems are fully functional without an internet connection. When there is no Internet, it is shared by email, which is queued and delivered once the totem recovers connection.


Free access to the trigger point is required. Assistance may be required if there is no elevator.


20 amp, 120 V power is required. If no power is present, Pixz can provide a generator at an additional cost, but this will need to be discussed beforehand.


Installation must begin a minimum of 2 hours before activation begins.


If the event is outdoors we need to be under an awning. Direct sunlight can affect image quality and our technology could overheat.


* This mount corresponds to a standard mount. According to space limitations, the use and position of some elements may change.


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